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You can chat with the community on Gitter.im (if you aren't already a member then, once you're in the room add yourself using the green Add button on the right hand side of the page). Chat communication is recorded by Gitter and publicly available without any need for a Gitter account.

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All the latest Narayana project news and other interesting stuff is published in our blog.

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Our team

Mark Little

I work for Red Hat, where I lead JBoss technical direction and research/development. Prior to this I was SOA Technical Development Manager and Director of Standards. I was Chief Architect and co-founder at Arjuna Technologies, an HP spin-off (where I was a Distinguished Engineer). I've been working in the area of reliable distributed systems since the mid-80's. My PhD was on fault-tolerant distributed systems, replication and transactions. I'm also a Professor at Newcastle University and Lyon.

Michael Musgrove

Project Lead

Michael Musgrove is a developer with 20+ years experience building distributed systems using CORBA, Java EE and OSI. He currently works in the transactions team at Red Hat, Inc implementing Java and C++ solutions for the middleware market.

Prior to his role at Red Hat Michael was involved with a variety of technologies including software and hardware fault tolerance, management of distributed systems and systems management products for servers.

His latest interests include how to apply these experiences in a REST setting.

Ondra Chaloupka

I joined the team with 5 years experience of QE engineer for JBoss EAP.

Prior to work at Red Hat I gained experience in PHP web and Java EE logistic system development.

Tom Jenkinson

My technical specialisms include transaction and integration technologies. primarily in the distributed systems field.

Mayank Kunwar

I started working for Red Hat in January 2020 and joined Narayana team as Software Engineer with overall 4 years of experience.

Prior to this role, I have worked in distributed system projects, handling various components like Job scheduling, node management and managing transactions between nodes using Java EE technologies. In first year of my software career, I have also worked on C# technology.

Manuel Finelli

Joined the JBoss Transaction team in 2020 with 6+ years experience in software engineering.

Other contributors:

  • Jonathan Halliday
  • Amos Feng
  • Gytis Trikleris
  • Paul Robinson
  • Andrew Dinn
  • Kevin Conner.
  • Richard Ackmatowicz.
  • Machulak: MSc student.
  • Ioannis Ganotis: MSc student.
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